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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Projects I found tonight

I captured 2 of my hi-8 tapes today.

Sadly, I had 3 others break in the camera. I can fix them but I need to buy a splicing block and some tape. Rather expensive for what it is.

On the 2 tapes I captured are these items:
Family Christmas 
My baptism at our church
Fishtank footage
July 4th Parade in Edgartown (street level)
Some of our trip to Franconia Notch, NH just before the Old Man crumbled.
Springtime on Southroad (including footage of Virgil the sheep and Mary)
The Field Gallery
Epicenter Internet cafe
a huge outcropping of mushrooms where we used to live
(4 hours of tape captured)

I want to tie the Virgil footage in with him walking down Edgartown, but I am worried the footage is on one of the broken tapes.

Let me know if you want any of that processed ahead of the snail pace I work on.

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