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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Shower, a Reconstructive Nightmare

On my unfinished projects list is the shower reconstruction I did. 
I did a huge pile of stills of a shower surround I got from Home Depot.

After ripping the tiling off the walls I found huge amounts of unexpected work, like re-insulating and mold to sterilize.  

The most time consuming part of the project was discovering the shower mixer plumbing fixture was utterly corroded after 30 years of acidic water from our well.

I needed to re-plumb the entire shower from the floor up. I also raised the shower head since I am 6'7" and tired of hitting my head on low shower heads. 

Sometime, when I have  some time, I will finish this project and put it on MVTV.
Working with stills is very time consuming.

I would also like to thank Cottle's Lumber, and Ace Hardware and plumbing supply, Hinckley's hardware, Vineyard Plumbing Supply and Chris Freid for parts, knowledge and help.

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