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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stills of Virgil the Sheep Part deux

These are Drue-cam webcam captured stills from 1998 of Virgil the sheep from the second encounter I had with him. The odd thing about Virgil and my old webcam was that "Internet Tonight" did a blurb on my webcam and they wanted to know what was up with the sheep on my webcam. It was purely random. 

I would never have known about this piece on my webcam except an ICQ friend in Trinidad saw it and was chatting with me when she saw it. She was shocked and told me about it. I emailed the producer and they sent me a copy of the show.

Blasted Hi-8 tapes, that is another tape that split while trying to capture it recently. I really need that splicing block.

Here are the stills, I have this captured and will do a video when I can piece them together:

Link to Part Un:

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