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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Political challenges influencing (or not) Those serving on the bench

Federal Court Judges in a panel forum for the Martha's Vineyard Center for Dispute Resolution. A mediation group for informing the public via MVTV with this show about how Judges perform their duties.

I Shot and edited this video for the MVCDR.

Its a panel forum of Federal Court Judges discussing what they do on the bench.
Great video, very educational about the Judicial branch of the United States Government.

I burned 2 DVDs for the group. After about a year, they are still sitting on my computer. I see the contact on a very regular basis and I am just so busy I never have the time to test the DVDs and finish them for her.

Deborah, if you find this, please keep reminding me, I am such a procrastinator on this end of things. I figured if I threw it on YouTube it may be closer to you.

I really enjoyed this shoot, The Edgartown Whaling Church is such a major challenge for me. Getting the audio and lighting is extremely tricky. The orignal raw footage is very yellow. I applied a color correction effect to bring it back to near normal.  Odd, since I white balance every time I shoot, but these indoor things have a tendancy to change since most of my shoots are at about dusk and transitioning into night.

I have other ways of compensating for that though. The audio in this building is very difficult. Getting questions from the audience is such a hit or miss. In addition to using a Sony wireless on the audience microphone piggyback I always have a long audiotechnica shotgun pointed at the audience to boost it if needed.

Typically, on these type of shoots I use 2 crown tabletop microphones for the panel, a dedicated left channel wireless on the moderator/speaker podium, a second wireless in the sound mixer for the audience. 2 crown tabletop microphones aimed at the audience and an audio-technica shotgun on a swivel mic stand that I can swing around for anyone not hearable.

I use a Mackie 1402 mixer and tons of XLR cables. 

AUDIO IS INCREDIBLY CRUCIAL to me and I spend most of my setup time making sure I have adequate audio in place as well as backups if any part fails.

I do take feeds from available mixer systems, if offered, but I always have my setup separately ready for use. I have seen feeds fail or go black and I still have my setup completely available if so.

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