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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fishspace Productions Message Boards

Well, after years of working 3 jobs and neglecting my orignal computer programming, I have had the time today to revisit it.

I spent a few years developing some message boards about Martha's Vineyard ("The Martha's Vineyard Message Board" A.K.A. MVMB) and our ASAP Aquarium Message board for fishkeepers.

I have been so busy with 3 jobs and a family for the past 5 years that I ignored them.  A few months ago I checked them to be amazed by the weeds of spam growing deeply into the boards.

I spent a few days trying to clean them up but realized that I had lost control and just decided to shut the posting function off to stop the spam.

Today, I installed a new, more normal, messaging system and tied the boards together.

I plan on installing the chat functioning into it also eventually. Work in progress. 

Here is the link: Fishspace Productions Message Boards

For those that used to  frequent the boards, I am sorry that I have been away for so long, I hope you enjoy the new style. Suggestions welcome.

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