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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Father's Day, 2005 - First Baptist Church of Vineyard Haven.

Finally started working on my project to get all of the First Baptist Church of Vineyard Haven services that I videoed re-rendered and available.

Its odd how I got motivated for this. I have been trying to get started for years on this. What brought it about was actually the Facebook timeline thing.

When I went to enter my pictures on the timeline I couldn't find a reference for the First Baptist church location. I decided to make one,  that involved creating a Facebook page for it I discovered: The First Baptist Church of Vineyard Haven, Ma

So, I decide to fill it with some pictures. I go to my picture directory and randomly pick out the Father's Day 2005 shots and upload them.

The next day, I am cleaning and organizing my tapes and happen to notice the first tape in the box happens to be the Father's day 2005 raw tape. I figure its a sign to do the project. I struggle a bit to find the extra clip work but find it and render  it.

(Oddly enough, at the same time an article about the church appeared in the local paper, Mv  Times: Of Faith: Vineyard Baptists consider a crossroads : The Martha's Vineyard Times 
 ) Furthering my motivation.

Here it is:

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